⚠️APR Pools Fund Terms

  1. Allocation of APR Pool Funds: Funds contributed to the APR pool will be utilized for AI-driven trading, investing in potential tokens, and engaging in staking activities to generate revenue. A portion of these funds may also be used to purchase CoriToken for reserve purposes.

  2. Returns in CoriToken: Contributors to the APR pool will receive CoriToken as a form of return on their investment.

  3. Revenue Generation Activities: The APR pool funds will be actively managed through advanced AI trading strategies, targeted investments in promising tokens, and strategic staking, all aimed at maximizing revenue generation.

  4. Investor Acknowledgement and Consent: By participating in the APR pool, investors acknowledge and consent to the use of their funds for AI trading, token investments, and staking, along with the acquisition of CoriToken. They agree to receive CoriToken as a return on their investment, understanding the associated risks and rewards.

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