🍯CoriToken Withdraw Tutorial

  1. Login Coribot & Select Pool Page

  1. Select Cori Pool 1

  1. Select Redeem CoriToken, click Redeem - successfully

  1. After Redeem successfully - go to Select Profile

  1. Select Redeem $Cori and select wallet for redemption

  1. Key in password, select redeem.

  1. Back to Home (Dashboard), drop down wallet menu (three dot)

  1. Click : for the dropdown menu and click Withdraw Asset.

  2. Select the coins to transfer and fill in your recipient address and amount to transfer.

Please ensure that the receive address supports the BEP-20 network.

  1. After correctly filling in the details, click Submit Withdrawal Request for system approval.

  1. To check request status, simply click on History and find all your submitted request for asset withdrawal.

Full Tutorial Video

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